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tea tree oil

  • Tea Tree Oil – 30 ml

    22,00 19,00

    Tea Tree Oil Vividus is certified “Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil”. 100% Pure, natural and safe. Often called “first aid kit in a bottle” due to its beneficial action on mild skin problems. Also very effective for inhalation to clear blocked noses due to its balsamic effect.

  • Ginel Ladies Liquid Wash

    9,50 7,50

    Ginel Liquid Wash for daily intimate hygiene. Helps maintain natural normal pH levels. Cleansing, refreshing and helps combat unpleasant & unnatural odours and external vaginal discomfort.

  • Tea Tree Soap

    6,50 5,50

    Tea Tree Soap is a vegetable soap with a delicate cleansing action and suitable for all skin types. Tea Tree Liquid Soap gently cleanses and sanitizes your hands and face.

  • Tea Tree Dermatological Cream – 100 ml

    20,00 17,50

    Thanks to tea tree oil’s virtue combined with the marigold, sweet almond oil and hamamelis, Tea Tree Dermatological Cream is soothing and protective. Useful for skin irritation, itchiness and redness. Ideal also for children.

  • Tea Tree Sebo-Balance Shampoo

    10,00 8,50

    Tea Tree Shampoo helps to purify and revitalize your hair and in particular where there is an excessive secretion of sebum

  • Tea Tree Capsules

    15,00 13,00

    Tea Tree Capsules contains pure tea tree oil. Well known for its beneficial effects on the upper respiratory tract.

pure-australian-tea-tree-oilTea Tree Oil Vividus has received “Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil” certification from the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association which guarantees its purity, safety and traceability.  To date it is the only European company to have this certification.  Tea Tree Oil’s  antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties are scientifically documented.

Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera BIO: Juice and Pulp Certified Organic

    28,00 25,00

    Vividus Aloe Vera Juice and Pulp is extracted only from the fresh plant and contains a large amount of the inner gel to make it more complete. It is an excellent cleanser and detoxifer and at the same time helps to soothe the disgestive and intestinal tract. Well known also for helping to maintain a healthy immune system.

  • Aloe Vera Classic

    25,00 22,00

    Vividus Aloe Vera Juice is extracted only from the fresh plant grown organically. It is an excellent cleanser and detoxifer whilst helping to maintain a healthy immune system. Ideal also for the digestive and intestinal tract.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

    9,30 7,00

    Aloe Vera Gel contains 97% Aloe Vera and is immediately absorbed by the skin. It is naturally soothing and is particularly ideal for skin irritations, rashes and in cases of mild sunburn.

certificato-bioVividus utilizes Aloe Vera Barbadensis: one of the most scientifically substantiated varieties in the world. Vividus Aloe Vera is extracted only from the fresh plant which is grown in organically certified fields. It is picked and cleaned by hand to obtain the maximum benefits. Well known for its cleansing and digestive properties and for helping to maintain a healthy immune system.

Food supplements

  • Oleamax

    35,00 33,00

    Oleamax is an innovative food supplement made in Australia with olive leaf extract, papaya and pomegranate. All the ingredients undergo a unique fermentation and probiotic process.

  • Cumydol

    20,00 18,00

    Helps to improve joint function and contributes to the normal bone and cartilage functions.

  • Bimbiotic


    Bimbiotic Vividus is a food supplement syrup specific for children to help fight against common ailments by strengthening the immune system. The forest strawberry flavour makes it tasty and appealing even for small children.

  • Curcuma

    15,50 13,50

    Curcuma Vividus is a food supplement with Tumeric, Fermented Maltdextrine, Black pepper and Ginger which help to improve digestion and the elimination of intestinal gas. Useful for general wellbeing and joint health.

  • GarciniaMax

    19,00 17,00

    GarciniaMax Vividus is a food supplement containing Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee for controlling your appetite and achieving a balanced body weight and at the same time an antioxidant and tonic.

  • Papaya Fermentata

    39,00 37,00

    Vividus Fermented Papaya is a unique product to contrast slow digestion above all when related to proteins and is also considered a “rejuventating food” due to its antioxidant action.

This distinguished range of Vividus products is well known for its original formulas and efficacy which help to maintain good natural health: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, bodyweight, stress, free radicals and immune system. They are registered with the Italian Health Ministry.


Vividus PURIFY is a mix of natural essential oils based on the authentic Tea Tree Oil Vividus to aromatize and purify the ambience, the household washing and cleaning  in a natural and safe way. The PURIFY range is a truly sensorial experience. The exclusive violet glass bottles protect and preserve the essential oils efficacy.